How to Make Thai Jok  Thai Rice Congee

Tired of your typical breakfast?  Try something new, savory Thai jok, aka rice congee, with pork dumplings!

Use a mortar and pestle, or food processor to break down the garlic, cilantro roots or stems and white pepper powder into a paste.

In a large bowl, add the paste along with the rest of the pork dumpling ingredients, and mix with your hands until  incorporated.

In a blender, combine rice and broth, and blend on low to a coarse puree, the texture of steel cut oatmeal.

Pour the puree into a large pot, and place over medium-high heat. Warm it until it comes to a gentle boil. Add meatballs. Cook until they rise to the surface.

Ladle the rice porridge and pork meatballs into a  bowl. Sprinkle the congee toppings on top. Click below to get the full recipe!