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Thai-Foodie’s Newest Addition


Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

Oh how I’ve missed you Thai-Foodie! It’s been so long since I’ve posted, and it’s been for a sweet reason.

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition-Thai-Foodie

For the past few months, I’ve been waddling around pregnant with our dear number three, and sadly often when I ate, especially at dinner, I didn’t have much of an appetite, so of course I didn’t want to write about food. Food was gross, ugh.

And when I wasn’t taking care of our dear two toddlers, I was either on the couch asleep or in my bed asleep, while body-building number three.


Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

But enough of the excuses. Our dear Zelynda Eliza Pengjad who arrived December 11, 2016 was worth every moment of loss of appetite, and exhaustion and here she finally is!

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

“Look at all that hair!” is what we most often hear when people see her preciousness. I’m grateful that after three tries, we finally got a baby with some thick, dark Thai hair on her head!

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

My Thai mother-n-law was always concerned about my first two kiddos not having much hair, since most Thai babies are born with a head full of hair.

She wanted us to rub magical hair-growing oil she bought for us from Thailand on their heads, especially dear Milana’s since she was almost bald, to make it grow (it took two years before it worked, lol).

But this sweet baby girl doesn’t need any magical hair oil! She has thick, dark, silky, hair, just like her Thai daddy did. I’m a bit jealous.

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

Now that she is here, and I’m in love with food again, especially the best food in the world, Thai food, and we are slowly sort of getting into our rhythm, Thai recipes will be appearing again. I can’t wait to share with you more Thai recipes, and share the life of Thai-Foodie with three kiddos!

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

Thai-Foodie's Newest Addition

*These amazing photos were taken by Stacey Malleck Photography. If you are looking for a family photographer in the Austin or Round Rock, Texas area, she is the best!


  • Cassie

    Your family is so cute! Your recipes are fabulous as well! 🙂