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How to Cook Great Thai Food if You Aren’t Thai


The Secret to Cooking Great Thai Food if You Aren’t Thai | Thai-foodie.com

I was at the small, cozy Asian Supermarket that we drive an hour and half to (the closest one to us!) and waiting in a long line stretching down the curry paste and coconut milk aisle. We had a shopping cart filled to the brim of supplies like bottles of fish sauce, packets of tamarind paste, stacks of coconut milk cans, giant bags of fresh rice noodles, and more, all for my Thai cooking classes, and our every day Thai meals.

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Thai Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Recipe


Thai Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Recipe | Thai-foodie.com

“Baked chicken? You really want that for dinner? But it’s soooo boring!” That’s my first thought anytime my Thai Hubby requests baked chicken for the dinner menu for next week. But he loves it because it’s protein packed and easy to take for his work lunch.

So my goal was to create a Thai baked chicken recipe that was tender, wasn’t boring, still full of flavor and fun.

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What is Thai Basil versus Holy Basil?

How to know the difference between Thai Basil & Thai Holy Basil | Thai-Foodie.com

Thai Basil is on the left and Holy Basil is on the right.

Last summer, my Thai Hubby and I and our kids walked into a small stall at our local farmer’s market that was packed with any herb seedlings you could imagine that you could grow at home.

We were meandering around, enjoying the warm summer mountain air as our four kids slurped melting watermelon popsicles from a nearby stand, when all of the sudden, my Thai Hubby said, “Look!!” and pointed at a plant with a small handwritten sign that said, “Thai Holy Basil”.

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