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Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com

Ever since we moved from Austin to the NC mountains over a year ago, I’ve been saying I wanted to do Thai Cooking Classes in NC like I had done in Austin.

But I had to unpack. Then we had to adjust to our new life, new school, new church, new community, new job and then a new baby.

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com

Lots of new stuff. And I always had a reason, and usually a legit one, why I couldn’t find time to finish up my Airbnb Experience application to start hosting my Thai Cooking Classes.

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com

But I finally decided that no time would be perfect, so I gave myself a deadline for getting the application done, pushed through all the reasons why I had better things to do, and just did it.

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com

And now I’m hosting my first Airbnb Experience Thai cooking class this Saturday, and I have more lined up on the calendar!! And what a relief it was to finally just get it going!

Just a reminder that if you are on the edge of the cliff of starting something new, and it doesn’t seem like the perfect time, it never will be, I promise. So just take that leap. That first step off the cliff is crazy hard, but falling into a new adventure is such a thrill and so worth it.

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com

You got it!

And…if you are ever traveling through the beautiful NC mountains, I’d love to host you at my home in Boone and do a Thai cooking class for you! During my Thai cooking class we will make:

  • Tom Kah Gai, a flavorful Thai chicken coconut soup: I will show you tricks for working with its unique ingredients such as lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves.
  • Pad Thai, a beloved shrimp rice noodle dish: Then I’ll demonstrate how to make tamarind paste from scratch, and from that make your own Pad Thai sauce, and explain the pro tips on how to stir-fry tricky rice noodles.
  • Mango and Sticky Rice, a favorite Thai dessert: Last but not least, I’ll share the hack for how to make sticky rice if you don’t have a sticky rice steamer, and the secret behind how to choose and cut the best mangos.
  • At the end of the class, we will eat our Thai dishes together as we sit either at our long farm table by the cozy fire, or outside on our front porch while taking in the mountain views, as I answer your questions about Thai cooking and Thai culture.

Feel free to check out my Airbnb experience calendar, and let me know if you don’t see a date that works for you, and I can adjust it.

So looking forward to meeting you!

Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC | thai-foodie.com