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Thai-Foodie’s Pregnant Pause


Thai Foodie's Pregnant Pause

I’ve missed you all! In case you were wondering where I disappeared to, I’ve been waiting for my little girl to arrive, which means channeling all my energy into playing with my little boy and going on our last few coffee whip cream dates, snuggling my hubby, and resting as much as I can and wondering every day if little girl is going to come today.

Thai Foodie's Pregnant Pause

These last few weeks of pregnancy have taken my appetite and energy, so now when I gaze at food pics instead of my eyes lighting up and my tastebuds starting to dance, I glance and go, “Food! Ugh!”

Thai Foodie's Pregnant Pause


And I’ve been barely cooking, mainly doing super easy stuff like a Thai-Style Omelette, or eating my hubby’s famous Stir-Fried Mama Noodles, or throwing things in the crock pot with some sauce and hoping it turns out ok. And now my mom is here, so I’ve been indulging in her cooking, while waiting for my little girl, my appetite, and my love for cooking to come back!

But it’s all SO worth it and the annoyances so temporary. I can’t wait for my little girl to arrive and to watch her enrich our lives as much as my sweet Rocco has enriched us and grown us in beautiful ways I never dreamed possible.

But please come soon Baby Girl!!



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