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Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes



Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

In Thailand there is no such thing as Fall. The only seasons that exist are super hot and humid, then rainy + super hot and humid, and then for about two weeks in January a little less super hot and humid until it’s super hot and humid again. I really really missed Fall when I lived in Thailand.

Then in Austin, TX, where we lived most recently, there was no such thing as Fall either!! There was super hot dry summer then a cooler season that felt more spring than Fall-ish until hot summer came again.

But now we live in the mountains of Boone, NC where Fall is real!! It’s an actual season here!

Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

The weather gets crisp, but not super cold, so I wear a jacket in the morning when I take Rocco to school, but by the afternoon I can just wear a long-sleeve shirt and be fine.

Looking for cozy, easy Thai recipes to make this Fall? Check out Thai-Foodie's top 5 Thai Fall recipes! | thai-foodie.com

And the LEAVES! I think after not being around Fall for years, they take on an even more magical look that I just can’t get enough of. I want to stare at their bright gold, firey red, burnt orange goodness all day while sipping some hot apple cider from an orchard! It’s amazing!

Looking for cozy, easy Thai recipes to make this Fall? Check out Thai-Foodie's top 5 Thai Fall recipes! | thai-foodie.com

Of course since Im actually feeling Fall, I’ve been craving some Fall Thai recipes! And I thought I’d give you a round-up, so you can get in on the action too. Here are my top 5 Thai recipes for Fall:

1. Thai Stir-Fried Pumpkin with Eggs

op 5 Thai Fall Recipes

I was so delighted when we went to the closest Asian market to us now (which is 2 hours from us!!! Ahhh!), and found kabocha squash, which is used in our favorite Thai pumpkin dish! Love the sweet and savory flavors, and how easy it is!

2. Tom Kha Gai

Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

Creamy coconut milk, tender chicken, packed full of Thai herbs and spicy, sour, savory and sweet flavors! Every bite of Tom Kha Gai makes your soul feel like it’s curled in front of a warm fireplace. Who doesn’t want that?!

3. Thai Massaman Beef Curry Crockpot

Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

I love having this super easy Thai massaman curry cooking in the crockpot while I go about my day, and how the smell gets more tantalizing as the day goes on. It’s my go to if we are having company stay for the weekend since we can go hike and gaze at the Fall beauty in mountains during the day, and come back to a filling Fall dinner that’s ready to go!

4. Thai Rice Porridge & Pork Dumplings

Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

Nothing screams Fall like comfort food, and Jok, aka Thai Rice Porridge, is my Thai Hubby’s favorite comfort food! It’s something about the thick broth, flavorful meatballs, and refreshing herbs sprinkled on top that just makes his heart feel at home with every bite. He would be delighted if I made this every week! And my kids too!

5. Quick Thai Salmon Red Curry

Top 5 Thai Fall Recipes

15 minute Fall Thai dinner FTW! I love how this salmon curry is so quick, yet tastes like I’ve slaved over it all day. But no, instead I spent 15 minutes making it, and the rest of the evening was spent savoring every morsel of it, and then playing outside in the crunchy Fall leaves with my kids.

Do you have any other Thai recipes you love to eat in the Fall? Inspire me! And share your pics of your creations on Instagram, and tag us @thaifoodie, so we can check them out!


  • Glennis Roseberry

    Absolutely enchanting to see a new recipe! Welcome back to “seasons”!! We live in Nor. California where we have seasons…this year, looks like we’re extending summer…but we’re still getting Fall colors. One of the nearby produce stands has Thai pumpkin this year….can’t wait to open it!

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!! I’m still cooking a lot of Thai, a month later!